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i am currently engaged in the analyzation of the spatial variations in physical, biological,and human phenomena that occur on the surface of the globe and treats their interrelationship and their significant regional patterns.. i also engage myself in reading a wide range of book classification, i unwind sometimes with my friends in the friendly neighborhood joint with yoca and sml to see us through... and on the side i am a certified dreamer and poser!!! i can would love to be a part time party organizer... i just love the details...

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

today i hit a motorcycle.. while backing.. hehehe it was a parked motorcycle that i didnt see.. anyways no harm done naman.. i havent received any text or call from the owner so i guess he's a kind hearted person.. thankfully..

i couldnt sleep at all last night, i was having anxiety attacks over my proffessor who has this reputation of being a real terror.. apparently from a reliable source this said proffessor have this good-bad list of students, it is crucial for the rest of the semester to be in the good list for a hassle free experience.. based from today's meeting i think im getting to the good list!! hehehe i gotta really make this semester worth every time.. i have to double or triple my efforts to get topnotch grades. :) (bagong buhay eh)

the make up classes for my geol class is killing me.. it's too freaking long and to top it off we dont even get a break in between. haay.. well a few days of sacrifice will be worth it come december.

speaking of december, im soo excited coz i'll be back in the land of sunshine!! haay this year will be extra special because jana, cec, and pam will be there too!! haaay!! zisterz reunion!!! i just miss my friends a lot. my parents too ofcourse! plus all the wonderful and glorious food! glorious food!! (in the tone of the song in oliver twist!!)

oohh plus plus..

i tripped more like fell in front of lib walk kanina.. hahahaha big laugh hahahahaha... sakit nang palms ko i suhwear! kakaloka.. buti na lang wala masyado tao.. heheheh

nuthin else matters... @ 10:13 PM

Saturday, November 11, 2006

i've waited for this event in my life to come since God knows when.. and finally it has.. but why am i not that happy? fulfiled, yes, but happy no. Driving has been one of my dream.. going to school in my car, and being able to go wherever i please sans worrying about how to get there and how to get back home. it surely is the life any girl would want. i got into a fight with the 'rents earlier, money matters complicated stuff, i mean they don't actually realize the cost of fuel in this country, it is friggin' expensive. i know i was being such a baby kanina but i just couldnt help it. i try to be mature about everything especially unforseen problems with them, but sometimes i just can't. kanina i let my emotions get the better of me. there shouldn't be any problem really but you know the feeling when yoour money supply is blinking LOW and you cant help but be agitated plus other problematic factors that surround you.. i just lost it.. i do want to apologize for acting that way, but i just cant muster enough courage to dial the number and let alone text them.

any how the semester has already started, and i am filled with wonderful and seemingly difficult subjects but i am excited, and weirdly looking forward to it. i am a sem closer to grad! yey!!

nuthin else matters... @ 7:18 PM

Sunday, October 22, 2006

of movies, videokes, ice cream, mojos, and shawarma....

i figured that i get as much out of the measly break i have this season by watching tv, movies and dvd's (more like turning into a major couch potato). Yesterday was one of the most unproductive days of my life. i woke up around 12 noon ate lunch watched a movie and fell asleep, waking up to ruby's bell around 630 inviting me to watch a movie..
so at 8pm off we went to eastwood with erika. james went ahead with his car, he drives na by the way. i can't believe my eyes when i saw "martin" there sa entrance. it's been like years since we last saw each other but he's still the same old martin, the ma-chika, ever-friendly dude we met at piao's. :-)

what would you do if you found out that today is your last day on earth??

i would probably do everything i've never got round to, like bunjee jump, sky dive and parasail. and when the sun sets i'd spend it with my loved ones just talking saying things i have been afraid to say, saying sorry's and i love you's and just lingering and savoring the moment.. they say that when you near your death you become more brave and courageous. i guess that's just the way life is.

the world trade center movie is just so emotional and so sad, that it just makes you realize a lot of things, like how people just can't live alone, loneliness scares the hell out of them, like how the thought of losing a loved one can make you insane, like how helping people out give you such a high, and realizing how short really life is cos you'd never really know when you will die.

why do people sometimes never know what their real age is?

after eastwood and shakey's we decided to have a road trip, leading to ofcourse a videoke place. since our driver hehehe dont wanna go out of qc, it was pork barrel for us. the crowd in there last night were just going at it. there was a lady who probably is what 50 year old na feeling 20. she was wearing an uber cleavage showing outfit and dancing like crazy.. parang ex-japayuki. haayy but you know whatever rocks their boat is fine with me.. i just hope i dont turn out like that when im 50.

persian food= ultimate comfort food

a trip to timog wouldnt be complete without a stop to behrouz. they renovated it na and it looks much much better already. mas presentable. we had shawarmas and kebabs and hummous. the beef chunks, the tahina sauce and the chappatti was heaven... i swear pag dating ko sa bahrain it would be a shawarma overload.. plus kowloon!! hehehe

nuthin else matters... @ 10:10 PM

Friday, October 20, 2006

you know there was a time in my life that i didn't have to worry about anything, everything was being taken care of, my clothes, food, bills, everything.. those were the times that all i had to do was take all the things that were given to me and fulfill my duties as a student. the joys of being a child.. it is often said that change is the only constant thing in this world. i guess i cant really take control of the changes happening right now. God knows how much i want to stay as a kid, God knows..

now i have to look after everything, all the decisions i make are crucial. all these adult business is scaring the shit out of me. Bank business, property business aaahh. i know i have to face this sooner or later but does it have to be now?? can't i just be that little girl again?? because growing up sucks... i'm always afraid of failing, of making the wrong decisions, (which if you know me, you'd know i make a lot of those) i mean the task of being handed over of taking care of all your family properties and banking obligations plus the business is a big- huge deal. what if i screw it up? haaaay..

it's officially my sembreak now, but i found out kanina that's in not yet pa pala.. oh well ;)

when you are stressed just remember that it is desserts spelled backwards, so it should be just a piece of cake!!!

pps: i soo wana go to the beach as in beach.. the land of sunshine, happy people and pinacolada!! any takers???

nuthin else matters... @ 11:26 PM

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

a lot has happened in the span of 9 months.. experiences that are both significant and not so. as of this moment i have five more papers to write but i have no energy to complete them. lately i have been hooked to so many things, grey's anatomy, the tv, bossa nova, sleeping and turon.. hahaha

as the semester draws to an end, i have regrets of not doing a lot of things.. but that's water under the bridge now. i will just have to await the final verdict. there are lots of emotions raging inside me now, fear, rage, frustration, hopelessness, and shittiness, yes all dark and bad emos. i am once again uncertain of where i am, emotionally that is. lately i just want to stay at home and not speak to anyone, sort of like a mini-hibernation, all i know is that i want to forget all the worries and fear that i have now, and for just a while feel like everything's gonna be alright, i need someone to say that it's gonna be alright, i just want to scream it all out, everything.. but the problem is i dont know what's wrong, or maybe, yes, maybe im just in denial. Denial seems like the easier choice anyway.

Denial = comfort

nuthin else matters... @ 2:15 AM

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

i know, i know i haven't blogged for more than a month but this time i have a better excuse other than my writer's mood swings.

let me list 'em down fer y'all

1. i was back home in Bahrain (not my motherland though but it's what i consider my hometown). so i was in vacation mode, then add the fact that the dial up connection there really sucks.. (hello BATELCO!!) so it's really nakakatamad to go online and wait for an hour to actually finish checking my friendster.

2. when i do check my blog, i can't access it for some reason. technical fault..

3. come january when i was back, i was just soo busy catching up with school work that i'd feel tired when i come home and have no energy left in my system to update.

4. school work- though i haven't re-affed in any of my orgs for this sem, i am still soo busy with all my acads, 20 units is killing me. reports, exams, research here and there. it's just exhiliratingly exhausting. (i'm fixing up my life right now) hopefully come next sem i'll be more organized and well-balanced.

5. social life- i have to have this every now and then to keep me sane. i get bored easily. so movies and reunions plus the saberday habit keep me sane.

6. the maid- our maid's been such a bitch lately, not helping at all..

i actually have an exam on thursday and an early class tomorrow, but i'm still blogging!! hahaha.

i found out that i have been tagged by my dear friend claudia, so since its the "kilig month" once again i decided to give in and give it a shot:

"...The basic rules: The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.Need to mention the sex of the target.Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again..."

Target: male: i need a man not a boy

My 8 simple rules:

1. has to be single: males who have sabit, or ka m.u. or a fling for that matter is not welcome.

2. iq+eq : has to be intellectually stimulating, i want someone who i can talk to with just about anything under the sun, political issues, philosphical theories, geographic discourses, business matters, to showbizness, fashion, music, silly things, jokes, etc.. (you get the picture??) he has to be emotionally mature too. i wouldn't date someone who is let's say has a very high i.q. and no e.q. whatsoever. we have to be in level at this criteria.

3. sense of humor: this too is non-negotiable. i dont just want someone to talk and talk to, i want someone to laugh with, someone who can make me smile.. im mababaw i tell you...

4. direction in life: he has to have some sort of vision for his life, some goal he wants to achieve. an ambition he aspires. there should be fire burning inside him, passionate and committed to whatever he is doing. this shows that the guy loves himself, because you gotta love yourself first before you can love another human being!!

5. good influence: when i was in high school my mom always told me when you're in-love he should be an inspiration and not a distraction or destruction. he should let me grow as an individual, lets me do my own thing and i will too ofcourse

6. respect-honesty-trust: this is another non-negotiable item on my list. i believe that these three aside from love should be the center and base of any relationship. this goes both ways naman.

7. compromise: someone who is always willing to meet halfway. sacrifice is the key ingredient. i dont like selfish people. a relationship should be a give and take thing. not a "give and give" or a "take and take".

8. love: he has to love me for what i am, take me in whole heartedly, love me for being me and embrace my flaws. someone who look beyond the physicality of it all and catch my real essence. and love me for that.

i know i didnt include the physical qualities of men that i like because i don't give a damn on that, only he has to be a bit taller than me or my height at the very least. (my friends can attest to that, for sure *winks)

this pretty much explains why i am love-less right now... grrr

so for this i tag : enuh, salma, ice, ruby, and whoever wants to answer this!!!!

* pics to follow

nuthin else matters... @ 10:44 PM

Thursday, December 15, 2005


ok, since it's Christmas time and as they say it's the time for giving. so in this tradition i expect you to love me and be extra generous. in this vein i post my wish list. :)

this is at random, some are extra expensive while others are very much affordable :) for those who don't love me thaaaat muuuchh......

1. BODY SHOP stay on lip color duo in copper brown - i've been lusting for this
eversince i saw it pd_stay_on_lip_color

2. NARS powder blush in orgasm or mounia :) it's available in Rustan's Essenses Makati G4 ars

3. SHU UEMURA SHu by Ai LImited Edition Cleansing Oil Enriched (drool drool drool)

4. MODEL CO.'s Lash Wand, i'm just so obsessed with my lashes

5. MAYBELLINE Dream Matte Foundation..

6. DU WOP Lip Venom Flash Gold. for my perfect pout!!!

di naman halatang makeup junkie ako diba??? what can i say i'm a girl eh...

now for the techie stuff

1. TOSHIBA PORTEGE A200- i know i have a laptop already but i really really like this one.. it's sleek and stylish with 512 MB, 1.6 GHz, 60GB what more can a girl as for diba??

2. NOKIA 3230 - this is my former phone that got snatched. i just soo love this phone. it was my perfect match. i'd like the black one again and it's only 14K now.. love me please..

3. IPOD or any MP3 player- i dunno i guess i just want one hahaha for the sake of having one!! babaw noh?

4. FLASH DISK - my 256MB got stolen along with my MNG bag, wallet, makeup & cellphone :(


1. BAGS - for high end durable bags i love MNG and Nine West i soo love them paging Bahrain friends and tito and tita's i would love this for xmas and my birthday..
for not so high end and durable but very affordable and stylishly chic, punta lang kayong Divisoria sa 168 Mall marami dung imitation na Class A and sobrang cheap. Louis Vuitton, Coach or Dior.. yun po ang mga gusto ko any size would be great.. ;) this is one thing that i wouldn't mind getting again and again basta wag lang pareho. :)

2. ACCESSORIES- this i also love.. i like unique, out of this world designs esp. sa earrings, you know what i mean when you see me in my fashionista spunk. Marami din po sa 168 mall sa Divisoria nito..

3. PARKER PEN- i dont mind the 200 + ones. bastra black yung ink..

4. LIGHTER- Yung sa lighters galore khet ano na cute.. or puwede din ang zippo lighter if you're feeling extra generous this christmas. :)

5. SOPHIE KINSELLA- Books, the shopaholic series.. and Undomestic goddess.


7. PAULO COELHO- books any of them, 11 minutes, the valkyries, etc...

8. SHADES- any kind of shades.. i like the big ones, yung parang pambubuyog na.. wag lang aviator shades, di kasi bagay eh...

9. STARBUCKS MUG - nuff said...

well that's about it for now atleast... hahahahahahaha you guys know me im soo mababaw kahit ano naman ang ibigay niyo sa ken ay ok lang.. basta pinagisipan.. :)

you could always treat me out for a movie, coffee, dinner and the like.. :)

so what's your christmas wishlist??

bilis comment back or pm me sa friendster for your wishlist!!! i'm leaving for home tomorrow!! para pasalubong ko sainyo!!


nuthin else matters... @ 2:36 AM

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